Try a little savouring

The ladies at Amazing Minds would like to welcome you to our new Blog which we aim to use to keep you up to date on our current interests, the development of our programmes and our materials but also to engage with a wider audience by talking about positive psychology and how it fits with every day life.

It's not rocket science, but it is science and comes with a bucket load of research. Anything with 'psychology' in the title will tell you that the science involves the human mind and that can be a pretty slippery customer. What we would like to acknowledge is that there is no definitive answer as our minds, life circumstances, experiences, background and genes are different.

What we can offer is experience and connection from inside the world of positive psychology and current work in the field as we both study the subject at Master's level.

We are human beings, and rather fallible ones at that. We walk the walk of positive psychology (I'll call it PP from now on) and sometimes fall off the PP wagon because to stay on it takes work. Does that sound negative? Well, perhaps surprisingly, PP isn't just about being positive, it is about using evidence based interventions to cope more resourcefully with the not-so-great stuff that life throws at us.

Take away for today

Try a little savouring

Savouring moments in time can have a powerful effect on stress reduction.*

Even after experiencing a heightened state of stress we can benefit from a savouring experience. So stop what you are doing right now (maybe finish reading first) and savour this moment, or the next. Look around you, can you see anything you didn't notice before? Something that makes you smile? Is there a particular sound that you can tune into? A taste? If you are in a particularly stressful moment right now, think of a lovely moment in the past and savour it now; it's just as effective. The next time you feel good, stop and savour the moment, it could be useful to recall it in your future savouring moments.

Try to build savouring into everyday life. As I said before, this takes practice but that momentary pause and the sense of wellbeing you receive, however small, is so worth the effort.

* Bryant, Fred B. ; Veroff, J. (2007). Savoring A New Model of Positive Experience. (1st ed.). New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

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