Help us turn the tide of poor mental health on World Mental Health Day 2019

Today is World Mental Health Day. A day where we can pause and take stock of the impact poor mental health is having on all of us – each one of us will know and be affected by someone suffering from a mental health issue, whether that is ourselves, a family member, a friend or a work colleague. Mental health does not just affect those people who are currently suffering, but it has a ripple affect on to those close to that person, the wider community, society as a whole and the economy. In 2015 poor mental health cost the UK economy an estimated £94 billion!

It is so important to be aware that we all have mental health in the same way that we all have physical health. Mental health issues can impact anyone at any time in the same way that physical issues can – no one is immune! Our brains simply weren’t designed to deal with modern day life and the faster paced and more technological our world becomes the more strain there is on the brain. The issue and impact of poor mental health is not just going to go away, in fact the chances are that it is likely to get worse as our lifestyles become increasingly based around technology. We have to do act now!

Something that we can do, which we believe is vital in turning the tide of poor mental health in the UK, is to teach children the skills of wellbeing and good mental health – yes these skills really are teachable and they do provide a buffering effect against poor mental health!

We also believe that the best place to do this is in schools as most children go through the formal education system. As the vast majority of Amazing Mind’s directors and advisors come from a background of education we are aware of the time and money pressures on the schools already and for this reason we have developed a wellbeing, emotional literacy and resilience curriculum within our Amazing Minds programme that minimises these pressures as well as creates an environment that is conducive to better learning.

We are aware that teachers receive very little training on developing strong wellbeing, emotional literacy and resilience so our directors have gone out and gained a wealth of knowledge of the science behind flourishing and good mental health through studying master’s degrees in Positive Psychology. They have taken this knowledge and developed lesson plans, animations, training videos, mindfulness practices and activities that develop a whole host of skills and abilities that are crucial to positive mental health.

Amazing Me is already being used in primary schools but we need your help in spreading the word. If you’re a teacher we need you to try Amazing Me free of charge. If you are a parent we need you to talk to your child’s school and ask them to try Amazing Me free of charge. If you own a business or work for a company that has a Corporate Social Responsibility fund we need you to fund or part fund a school.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and we need your help.

To find out more about Amazing Me and to access a free trial for your school please visit our website

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