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Kelly Bishop

In my role as a teacher in the further education sector I am saddened by the unhelpful mindsets and lack of self-awareness, self confidence and resilience in young people. Not having the tools they need to look upon their past experiences from different perspectives together with the uncertainty of the future, is contributing to the high levels of stress and anxiety we experience in classrooms more and more often. 


I have a sense of duty to create and develop interventions for young people using my NLP, coaching background and the knowledge I am gaining from studies on the MSc Applied Positive Psychology programme.


I believe in the importance of creating learning environments where everyone can thrive by using their individual strengths to their full potential.  Having an awareness of our strengths from a young age and sensing when to be kind and compassionate to ourselves and  others,  will  lead to increased overall well-being and greater academic and personal success.


 I am passionate about creating a culture  where this is the ultimate priority, both in the learning environment and in the workplace. 

I feel so privileged to be working alongside such a passionate team who are committed to our mission. I am proud of the part I have played in the development of Amazing Me with the beautiful-souled, Tracy Richardson and her unwavering motivation for the work we do.

I can't wait to see where our journey of development takes us next. 

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Nicola Morgan
Advisory Board

I am delighted to be associated with Amazing Minds.  Having started my career 25 years ago as a lawyer in the City, my love of learning and desire to help people to be their best took me away from that path and into education where I worked in both secondary and primary schools.   I now work with young people and adults as a Tutor, Coach and Facilitator.  I also teach Mindfulness, Pilates and Nutrition - reflecting my view that when we are helping people to become their best, we need to work with them as a whole.  I am studying for an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and apply positive psychology in all the work that I do.  I have two teenage daughters of whom I am super proud. 


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Tracy Richardson

I consider it a huge privilege to have worked as a therapist in private practice for many years. Watching what happens when someone is given the space, time, support and tools to go on a journey of self-discovery has never ceased to highlight for me just how amazing human beings are.  

Very early in my career I began to notice that the people who I saw in my office were not broken, they just needed, in effect, to learn how to 'work themselves better'.  It struck me that if an adult could overcome their blocks and challenges and learn to live in a happier, more fulfilled way through what they head learned in therapy, then surely teaching these skills would prevent many of these issues occurring in the first place. And so my mission to develop better wellbeing, resilience, emotional literacy and mental health was born!

During my time studying for an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (the science of optimal human functioning and wellbeing) my research focussed on emotion differentiation and its impact on emotion regulation, wellbeing and academic success.  This research formed the basis of an additional set of materials for Amazing Me.

It is a real honour to be part of the Amazing Minds team as we move forward with this pioneering work at a time when our society is suffering  from increasing levels of stress and anxiety.  Kelly Bishop is a wonderful, compassionate, inspirational and creative co-director and our advisory board all bring a wealth of specialist knowledge, experience and passion to the organisation.

IMG-20181121-WA0001.jpg Advisor
Liz Fox
Advisory Board

It is truly an honour to be part of the advisory board for Amazing Minds, because I know it has the power to change lives.  Following a mental health breakdown in 2014 I became aware of the power of mental wellbeing, and was unable to ignore the gaps that exist in everyday knowledge and understanding of the matter.  I firmly believe that had there been a greater awareness of mental health  when I was young, I could have been spared decades of avoidable self-destruction and pain. Consequently, I am now resolute in creating conversations about mental health in order to fight the associated stigma and to prevent this happening to others. 


I am a Time to Change Champion for Mind, and fundraise for them regularly. I have filmed pieces with the BBC and the OU, and I have worked internationally after being invited to LA for two separate events. I also write about mental health - my work has been published, and my mental health blog endorsed and shared by Stephen Fry.  My educational background includes a BA in Business Management; plus, in order to further deepen my comprehension of wellbeing, I am currently studying for a degree in psychology.  I also run my award-winning business BuBakes cakes.


I am committed to contributing in many ways to the Amazing Minds team, and am dedicated to doing all I can to ensure a brighter, healthier future for all.