Amazing You & Me is a short programme designed to support you and your family or the children you care for with the emotional challenges that we find ourselves faced with in life.

The idea of this programme is to offer adults some insights into the research of positive psychology (PP) and how PP interventions can support your emotional and mental wellbeing. We offer you activities to try for improving your own wellbeing and others for you to do with your children to support their wellbeing. Doing these activities together is a great way to enhance your relationships too.

It's important to note that the techniques and resources we have included in the programme are not a quick fix; they are most effective when built into a regular practice. 

You will find the course on our Thinkific site here:

Our Purpose: to develop engaging and cost-effective wellbeing resources grounded in science, ensuring simplicity and accessibility for schools and other community organisations.
Our Vision: Every child has an education that holds wellbeing at its core, empowering them to embrace challenge and cultivate a life that is meaningful and fulfilling to them.

Amazing Minds CIC is a not-for-profit community interest company

Company registration number: 10690591

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